Helvellyn campers call for help after high winds flatten tent

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Helvellyn campers call for help after high winds flatten tent

Two people wild camping on Helvellyn called for help after severe weather made their night a little wilder than expected.

Rescuers were alerted about 1.25 on Saturday morning after one of the pair’s tents blew down in high winds.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team said when it contacted the campers, they were both sheltering together in the remaining tent.

A team spokesperson said: “The weather conditions were very challenging with 50mph winds and sleet and snow.

“The campers were advised to stay put in their tent which was still holding out. They had no injuries and were fine apart from being very uncomfortable and wet in a small tent.

“Phone contact was kept through the night until first light. At around 7.30am more water had entered their tent and they were forced to abandon.

“They were directed to make their way down and a small team went out to meet them and escort them safely down to Glenridding. In the end the campers didn’t get a great night sleep but certainly had an adventure!”

The team suggested hillgoers heed forecasts before heading out. “If you’re planning an adventure please visit AdventureSmart, which has a wealth of info to plan for a safe trip – including having a look at the weather forecast.”

Attribution: Bob Smith, Grough.co.uk

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